INZI Display is a precision component manufacturing company producing display components which are the top 10 core business fields chosen by Korea.

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We create value and share happiness.

The Spirit of Times or the zeitgeist of the 21st century is to pursue sustainable ‘Green Growth’. Environmental preservation and responding to climate change to save our earth is a crucial task that cannot be delayed any longer. “Company governance that sets sustainable development goals to contribute to the common prosperity of humankind; implementing nature-based solutions; and zero-waste systems, or Environmental, Social, and Governance(ESG) management” is a concrete action plan that catches up the zeitgeist of this century.

INZI’s motto, “Customer is Always Right”, has not only been developed as the value of our company that meets customers’ needs; protects shareholders’ interest; secures happiness of our employees; and contributes to the local community, but also has been established as INZI’s management philosophy to understand both internal and external customers’ interests.

As a company with management style and philosophy of the 21st century, and optimized for customized production, INZI understands that continuous innovation, creative technology development, and voluntary participation to create value are the shortcut to sharing happiness, and reaffirms such actions are the ultimate guideline for INZI personnel.

Creativity presents a concrete solution to those who dream of the future. We aim to create a vibrant corporate culture by combining our excellent talent with cutting edge technology; placing highest value to voluntary participation that creates intrinsic motivation; and by creating a culture that respects autonomy.

In addition, AI and Robots, in harmony with the humanistic spirit of the Aztec culture, will create value, show leadership among various business communities to grow together as a companion through solidarity, and share happiness with all.

Using the successful experience of the past decade as a stepping stone, we will actively prepare for the next decade, even for another new century, with our strong will.

Thank you very much.

07. 01. 2021

INZI Display produces precise components for TV, automobiles and aircrafts.

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