Bienvenido a INZI Display

INZI Display es una empresa fabricante de componentes de precisión, el cual produce componentes de pantallas, ya que son los 10 principales campos de negocio elegidos por Corea.

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INZI Display's RY Robot Line is

setup to produce the below 75″ TV’s chassis rear.
RY Robot Line is composed of distacker, press, RY Robot and cleaner.

RY Robot Line

is optimized for producing 32 ~ 75″ TV Chassis Rear.

Also, RY Robot Line has been applied for the feeding supplies of wall-rivet & mixed stud which is working for TV’s wall-mount & stand.

Industrial palletizing robots are mechanized robotic systems.

This machine is built for checking the products via camera

Automatic loading machine for inserting sheet material to the press line