INZI Display is a precision component manufacturing company producing display components which are the top 10 core business fields chosen by Korea.

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INZI Display launch the Innovation Division

INZI Display make a Innovation Division to achieve :

  • Production: Entire department including Press, Facility, Assembly & Mold.
  • Quality: Inspection Automation & Efficiency, Production Quality.
  • Operation: Increasing indirect productivity by managing operation.
  • System: Adopt system on the record.
  • Distribution: Finished Product, Half-finished product, Queuing Production Material movement and shipment.
  • Space: Manage the effective space usage.

INZI Display have had the presentation meeting on every month and each department present their achievement.

Every department of INZI Display try to follow their innovative activity.

INZI Display also rewards the first department.

The Day of Innovation

INZI Display have had the day of innovation from March 15th. We deliver the badge to the employee to increase their participation.

Main Operation of Innovative Process

Develop Automotive Machine

Until this machine developed, INZI Display should use 6 teams ( 2 men for 1 team) to make support-plates. Also, the manual operation (by 6 teams) make diverse errors such as missing parts or insertion error.
Therefore, INZI Display developed the automatic support-plate build-up system and increase the operation abilities.

ANTI-Electronic FCC Cable System

FFC cable has the inside electrostatic and this causes the production error if operator remove the electrostatic.

So, INZI Display developed the automatic anti-electronic system and save the time & increase the production capabilities.

Automatic Loading Robot for packaging

This machine save 4 manpower during loading process. Until this machine arrived, INZI Display should have used over 4 workers to load products.

Vision Checker after production

Automatic vision check table for finished build-up products.

By using this machine, operator can detect the error of products caused by build-up error. This machine shows the off-LED light to let operator know about that.

This machine also save the manpower from 2 operators to 1 operator.

LED BAR ZIG for production

Process the insertion work into DPS (Chassis Embossing) on the build up of LED BAR

This operation (using build-up zig for LED BAR) help to make zero error on the production because of automotive process.